Logo Board Game 2nd Edition

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Logo Board Game 2nd Edition. Item is 100% new and unused. For ages 12 years and over.

Bolt Action French Armoured Carriers WWPD Wargames
Bolt Action French Armoured Carriers WWPD Wargames from www.pinterest.com

Answer questions correctly to move around the logo board. In this 2nd edition there are some rule changes and 2 added variants (dark alley and pronto). Now with brands for the whole family, from food to cars, apps to stores logo 2nd edition is for two to four players solo or in teams, ages 12 and up.

With a whole new set of cards and all the excellent fun of the original.

Answer the questions on the; 396 x question cards, 1. It taps into the knowledge we’ve piled up over our lives and adds a few astonishing. At the end of the game, players will compare their amassed craftsmen, crests, money, and townsmen to see who has won the game!